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About Vellore City  Municipal Corporation


History Of  The Vellore City Municipal Corporation

The Vellore City Municipal Corportation was constituted as early as 1866 under the provisions of town improvement act 1865 and it has been upgraded as Corporation from 01.08.2008. The Municipal Council was formed in the year 1920 as per the provision of the MDM Act 1920. The Municipality was upgraded to first grade in 1947 and to selection grade 1970. It was further upgraded to a special grade in 1979. At the time of initial constitution of the municipality, the areas, Fort, Adavananthal, Beripet, Velapadi, Salavanpet, Thottapalayam, Aruganthampoondi, Kosapet, Kavaraipet, Commissary Bazaar and Sankaranpalayam were included in its limits.